Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day

Today is Valentine's Day and our femme fatales are looking for ideas to impress their men. Well you stopped on the right page. Here we want to show you 4 femme fatales lingerie's for this special and kinky occasion. 

Depending on your personality you can choose which femme fatale are you. Let's start with the flirt femme fatale, like her title said, she is flirty, indecisive, playful and silly. But don't take her for granted because she can surprise you with her kinkiness. You can see her wearing pink lingerie, licking some lollipops and playing with her hair. She loves to make you believe she is a good girl, but behind that good girl there's a lot of secrets and mischievousness, so you will be punishing her for being such a bad girl.

The romantic femme fatale loves candles, roses, champagne, chocolates and erotic things.  She is ready for action and love to seduce every man around her. You won't be able guess when she is going to attack you, because she is sneaky and knows when to do it. She is confidence with her body and sexuality but is more traditional in the bed. She loves to be carried to bed, sweet touches, massages, and dirty sweet talks. Do you want a memorable night with her? Then surprise her with roses, slow music and candles and be ready to set the place on fire.

Happy Valentine's day

The dominatrix femme fatale, oh the dominatrix, the most daring, bold and extreme femme fatale of them all. This woman scream danger, extreme passion and domination. She knows what, when and where she want it. She is selfish, she only thinks and care about her. Men love her because she is independent, spicy and a Pandora's box. Nothing surprise her than a dominant man, she loves to dominate, but she wants to be dominated too. Believe you can dominate her? One night she's going to give you the best night of your life.  But beware, she's going to give you hell next time you see her, because a dominatrix can only be dominated once.

The Classy femme fatale is all about appearance, class and manners. She is polite and delicate, she will not argue with you if she doesn't have a valid argument. She like traditional lingerie's in white, pearl and peach colors. Also you will see her wearing silk, satin and cotton pieces, complimenting them with pearls.  She can seduce you with her knowledge, you can do the same with her.  And of course a clean and neat space for her to show you why she is so classy.   

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