Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hairstyle Trend: 20's Bob hairstyle

The Great Gatsby tells a story of wealth and opulence, love and tragedy all set amongst the glitz and sparkle of the rebellious, roaring ‘20s. In honor of this weekend’s film du jour and the women who inspired Fitzgerald’s literary classic turned film. This week’s beauty fatality is one born of the same renegade decade: the bob. This hairstyle has had many lives- a quirky stint in the ‘60s, the power do of the ‘80’s, and resurrected yet again as the haphazard “chop” originated by Karlie Kloss last year- but the bob was first donned by original femme fatales, the flappers.

Amidst the rapid change and revolutionary spirit of the 1920’s, young women found themselves rebelling against the pomp and formalities of past generations and opted to shorten their hemlines along with their hair, adding an androgynous sass to their styles and forever changing the way women viewed their wardrobe choices.

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The bob is not only a fiercely bold hairdo, it is a call to arms for all women looking to break the mold and challenge convention! So whether you opt for a wavy and adorned bob like the flappers of yesteryear or you choose a sophisticated bob like the achingly chic Anna Wintour, channel your inner femme fatale and spread this classic fatality!

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