Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Power Eyebrows

Femme fatales stay on the lookout for empowering trends that add to the strength of our look, so it is no wonder the 2013 trend of thick eyebrows has our attention. Eyebrows are a significant part of our beauty regimen, as they frame the eyes and truly add structure and depth to our face- why, they even have an impact on our facial expressions. Rightly so, women have been moving towards a thicker brow for years, a much needed departure from the sometimes scary, over processed eyebrows seen in the 90's to early 2000's. So while this move towards natural brows may not be new, it has officially been approved by the fashion powers that be as the latest must-have in beauty.


The key to this trend is to find the shape and volume that suits your face. For instance, the same eyebrows that grace Cara Delevingne’s strong face may not work with Kate Moss’ dainty, pixie like features and so forth- so much depends on the structure of an individual’s face. The best way to find the right shape for your brow is to let your natural eyebrows take the lead. Put the tweezers down for a few weeks and take note of your brow’s direction- you may be pleasantly surprised! Filling eyebrows with pencils or makeup will not only get us through the growing out process, it is always a beautiful way to add polish and punctuation to the eye area.

Cara Delevingne Image by Google

Once you have witnessed the natural progression of your eyebrow’s growth, polish & groom lightly and only as needed for a sophisticated, power brow.

Stay bold, femme fatales, and spread the fatality!

Veronica Cruz of The New York Import
In collaboration with Femme Fatale Fantasy

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