Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hairstyle Runway Trends: The Low Ponytail

Pictures by Harper Bazaar
For fall season high ponytail was one of the most hot hairstyle on the runway.  Weeks later we saw a lot of femme fatale with this style. All of them looked stunning with their ponytails, but now for our good luck ponytails are back.  But this time to give a more seductive and mysterious look the ponytail style is now low.  Yes, you are reading right, low.  Low ponytail was one of the most commented and anticipated hairstyle on the spring 2013 runway.
Designers like Michael Kors and Elie Saab used this hairstyle for their runway show.  Their style was amazing, the ponytails looked like waterfalls, the hair straight and polish with a hair bang with the same hair color. 

Another good news is that you can use a messy low ponytail. This style was hot too on the runway.  So, if you want a relaxed look your daily day you can make a messy low ponytail, and you will look fatale!

We can say for sure that this hairstyle is going to be one-must-have this season.

Spread the fatality!

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