Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Marilyn's Look!

Marilyn Monroe is a fashion icon, everybody knows that.  She loved diamonds, fur, glamour, red lips and attention.  That's why we recreate a look that Marilyn probably would wear in this decade if she were alive. We can imagine her with all the glamour she had walking on the street with a leather dress, long gloves, diamonds, a white fur scarf and black heels.   Walking like she doesn't care about you, she is the diva, everybody needs to know who she is: A daring Femme Fatale!  

Get Marilyn's Look!

Rupert Sanderson high heel shoes

Jon Richard solitaire earrings
$27 -

Jon richard
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White House Black Market wrap scarve

Max Studio long glove

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hairstyle Runway Trends: The Low Ponytail

Pictures by Harper Bazaar
For fall season high ponytail was one of the most hot hairstyle on the runway.  Weeks later we saw a lot of femme fatale with this style. All of them looked stunning with their ponytails, but now for our good luck ponytails are back.  But this time to give a more seductive and mysterious look the ponytail style is now low.  Yes, you are reading right, low.  Low ponytail was one of the most commented and anticipated hairstyle on the spring 2013 runway.
Designers like Michael Kors and Elie Saab used this hairstyle for their runway show.  Their style was amazing, the ponytails looked like waterfalls, the hair straight and polish with a hair bang with the same hair color. 

Another good news is that you can use a messy low ponytail. This style was hot too on the runway.  So, if you want a relaxed look your daily day you can make a messy low ponytail, and you will look fatale!

We can say for sure that this hairstyle is going to be one-must-have this season.

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Hairstyle Runway Trends: Sleek Low Knot

We have selected the best of Spring 2013 runways for our femme fatales, so be ready to kill this Spring season with this hairstyles!

Pictures by Harper Bazaar

We know that you are amazed with all the fabulous looks in Spring 2013 runways, we are amazed too!  For Spring 2013 we saw a lot of sleek hairstyle but nothing like this clean low knot hairstyle from designers like Ralph Lauren and Loewe runway. This hairstyle is to die for, you can use it for a casual day, work, dinner or inclusive for a night out. This hairstyle was one of the most iconic for this Spring season.  And the most amazing part is that you can make it sleek or messy.  Sounds amazing, right? Well if you want something different for your hair this year, this look is perfect to try on.  So, don't be scare and act like the femme fatale you are.

You will look polished, sexy and mysterious with this look. To create this style you can use Rene Furterer Straightening Gel or Neiman Marcus Meta Luxe Hairspray they are amazing products and the scent is good If you want a sleek and hold hairstyle during the morning use the spray.  An amazing trick to create a professional sleek hair is applying spray on your fingertips and swipe them on your hairline.

What is your trick for this hairstyle? Would you wear it?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Dressed Oscars 2013

Best Dressed Oscars 2013

Last night two princesses and one queen let us out of breath with their gowns in The Oscars Red Carpet.  This year a lot of femmes walked into the red carpet with beautiful dresses, of course they are not here because we considered that these lady's weren't enough fatale for us.  We hope that next year they could enter in our list, because it would be an honor to be there.

Now continuing with our favorites of the red carpet here is our Top 3 for the night:
  • Position # 3 is for our lovely Naomi Watts. She was wearing an Armani gunmetal gown with an asymmetrical cut in the shoulder.  
  • Position #2 is for our cat woman Halle Berry. She was wearing a Versace black and metal gown.  She looked stunning, sexy and fatale!
  • Position #1 is for our Queen Charlize Theron! This Femme Fatale was wearing a peplum white Dior gown.  She looked mysterious, dangerous, sexy and sophisticated. Plus that new edgy haircut, she was definitely our winner of the night.

What do you think about our top 3? Do you agree or disagree?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

We are under construction but in the mean time we want to wish you a Fatale Valentine's day with the magazine under this post with Angelina Jolie as Elise "The Tourist".  Stay tuned for more news of Femme Fatale Fantasy.  We are working hard to give you the best of the best.

Femme Fatale of the Week


Kelly Rowland wearing Georges Chakra

Our Top 2 at the Grammys

Photos by: & Getty

Friday, February 1, 2013

Website Under Construction!

Picture  by  Amanda  Prihutomo

We are sorry but we are under construction to bring you the best of Femme Fatale Fantasy.  We are re-lauching our page soon! keep spreading the fatality!